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Lion Trans has warehouses in Canada and the USA

Posted on Thursday January 01, 1970

Posted on Thursday January 01, 1970

Posted on Thursday January 01, 1970

Posted on Thursday January 01, 1970

Posted on Thursday January 01, 1970

Posted on Thursday January 01, 1970

Posted on Thursday January 01, 1970

Posted on Thursday January 01, 1970

Online  Car Auction System .
2   2 modules developed: for clients and  admin s.
All  features  of traditional auctions.
Automated trading of vehicles.
Project  overview .

Lion Trans Car Auction is a web platform that let users to buy and sell vehicles

It’s just as a  traditional  auction but digital.
People and  businesses  can list their cars and review other lots, check extensive data, make bids.
The system comes with a  verification  system that eliminates fraud possibility.
Client  information .

Lion Trans is the group of international transportation companies established in 2008

It works in Armenia, Canada, Georgia, the USA, and Ukraine.
It handles intercontinental transportation, warehousing services.

Vehicle auction transaction support (from the US auctions)

document support, partial or full credit financing.
Lion Trans has  warehouse s in Canada and the USA, so it can deliver cargo by sea, air, and land.
Team  Composition   5 members.
Client Name  Lion Trans.
Expertise Used  BI & Reporting, Cloud solutions, Data warehouse & ETL.
Duration  12 months.

Services Provided  Software architecture

UI/UX design, Web app development, Custom software development, System integration services.
Country  Georgia.
Industry  Automotive, E-commerce.
Business challenge.

Lion Trans is a multinational company with partners in different regions
The core warehouses are in North America

In addition, the company has subsidiaries in Europe and Asia.

Our client – Lion Trans Georgia – has rich experience in car shipping

To expand the range of services, the brand decided to launch an auction system.
This online portal had to improve user experience, attract buyers and sellers.
Technical challenges.
The whole auction process was highly complex, based on comprehensive interactions between end-users and the software solution.
We had to digitalize the process of traditional auctions, ensure that key functions work seamlessly: offers, orders, cancellations.
According to analysis,.
NET was the most suitable option, .

And Lion Trans representatives agreed with it

We had to build a cloud client-side solution, as well as a back-office administration system for the company.
Solution delivered.
As a result, the user-side application supports personal accounts, lots, search, the auction system itself, and integrated payments.
Individuals, insurance teams, car dealers, car rental services are among key clients.
They can review proposals, make and check bids, review information about cars.
The admin-side app supports data management.
Dedicated employees can review information about users, lots, and the system.
Administrators also verify lots.
This approach improves security, helps to combat fraudulent offers.
Information is stored in the database while all parts are interconnected.
Get a free consultation on your next big project now.
Sign Me Up.
Key features.

A dedicated management module Lion Trans managers use it to verify lots

manage users, and monitor auctions.

Approvals and withdrawals for sellers These users can list their offers

see history of bids, accept them, withdraw money, and communicate with support.

Bids and filters for buyers These clients have access to the search system

can make bids, buy cars, and explore information.
Comprehensive history data History of bids and lots is available to all types of users, as well as administrators.
Detailed info about cars Each lot comes with extensive info: tech details, photos, certificates, statistics.
Personal and business profiles Customers can register as individual users or as insurance, dealership, and rental businesses.
All features of traditional auctions like lots, bids, and vehicle presentations.
Online solution that expands client services in addition to transportation.

Transparent collaboration with client from our side

extensive info and support.
NET suggested by our team after detailed analysis and requirements specification.
NET Core.
Microsoft Azure Cloud.
Client feedback.
The quality of the finished portal functions is excellent.
Diceus provides expert development services at a reasonable cost.
They deliver their work in a timely manner.
Customers can expect a communicative and proactive team.
Alexander Baravkov, Product Manager of Lion Trans in Georgia                               <<<<<<< HEAD   =======  >>>>>>> ed4555161fec9215c5f8ff01e48a632ed2857c6b.


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